Frequently Asked Questions

About Personal Contract Hire

At Inchcape Fleet Solutions, we offer a type of personal leasing agreement called Personal Contract Hire (also known as ‘PCH’).Although other types of car finance are available in the market place, we do not offer these at this time. However, to ensure you have all the information you need to be able to make a decision on what is the right choice for you, please see our visual guide to personal car finance products.

You will never own the car if you lease a car with a personal contract hire agreement. Inchcape Fleet Solutions will own the vehicle.

Under the terms of a PCH agreement there is no option to purchase the vehicle from Inchcape Fleet Solutions.

Inchcape Fleet Solutions is the registered keeper of the vehicle and will hold the V5C registration document during the term of the agreement.

You will need to arrange to insure the car yourself on a fully comprehensive basis. The person named on the finance agreement must be the main policy holder or a named driver on the insurance certificate.

Whilst some of our cars may be “pre-registered”, they are all brand new with delivery mileage only. “Pre-registered” means that they have been registered with the DVLA by the dealership in advance of being released to a customer. This means they already have a number plate.

We do not, at present, offer personal contract hire for used vehicles.

At present we are not offering business contract hire schemes for individual business customers through LeaseMyCar. Inchcape Fleet SoIutions can offer contract hire solutions to businesses who have larger fleet vehicle needs and we would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about this further. Please contact us for more information

Leasing Contracts

The lease will be for a duration that you have selected. However, we will not usually agree to offer agreements which are shorter than 24 months or longer than 48 months. The choice of length is yours but do consider whether you would like to change your car more often or whether you would like to benefit from cheaper monthly payments which usually come with a longer term. Please note that you will need to ensure the car has an MOT before the end of the contract – this is required no later than 3 years from the date of registration.

Within your lease agreement, you will benefit from inclusive road tax, delivery, a full manufacturer’s warranty which will include a level of breakdown assistance. Road tax discs are no longer provided but we will ensure that your vehicle is taxed throughout the agreement.

You need to arrange for your own vehicle insurance and for the maintenance and servicing of the vehicle unless you have selected to purchase our Maintenance and Breakdown Plan.

We’ll keep in touch with you throughout the process and will let you know when vehicle delivery is expected to be. All manufacturers have different timeframes to build and delivery a brand new car, however on average most vehicles are ready for delivery between 8-12 weeks after the order is placed. We’re unable to give you any confirmed timescales as delivery will often depend on the vehicle manufacturer and the dealership supplying the vehicle, but if there are any delays we will let you know as soon as possible.

We will deliver your vehicle to an address we agree with you, provided it is on the UK mainland. We will allow at least 100 miles for delivery and this mileage will not count towards the mileage figure that is in your finance agreement. If the vehicle requires transportation or delivery to an address which is not considered to be a standard delivery, there may be an additional charge (if this applies we will let you know in advance). We usually try and deliver within working hours of Monday to Friday 8am and 6pm.

Financial Information

The information you provide to us in your finance application will be shared with the finance provider and they will use third party credit reference agencies to check your credit worthiness.

If you know you have a very poor credit history it is likely that it may be difficult for you to obtain finance using our finance provider. You are welcome to apply but please be aware that a credit search will be recorded on your credit file and this may make it difficult to apply for credit in the future. It may be worth obtaining a free copy of your credit report in advance if you are not sure.

We will need you to be over the age of 18 and able to evidence that you have a full UK or EU driving licence. We may not be able to assist you if you wish to use the vehicle for some business purposes where you’re paid for using the vehicle, for example providing a taxi service or a driving school. Please read the terms carefully and talk to us if you have any questions about this aspect.

This is the payment you make at the beginning of the agreement. It is not a deposit. It is usually calculated as a multiple of the monthly rental that will be due. You can choose what multiple you wish to pay and usually if you pay a higher initial payment, the lower your monthly payments will be.

This is the amount you will pay to lease the vehicle every month for the duration of the agreement. You pay the rentals to the finance provider along with any additional monthly charges for the Maintenance and Breakdown Plan if you have selected that option.

The initial payment is usually taken by Direct Debit between 5 and 10 days after the delivery date. The first rental payment is then taken by Direct Debit 28-30 days after delivery. The regular monthly rental payments will be deducted on the same day each month. If you wish to change your payment date after delivery has taken place please speak to the finance provider directly.

Your finance provider will make the final decision about whether you can end the agreement early. If you do, you may be responsible for early termination charges. These will be outlined in your finance agreement. We will be able to help you obtain an early termination figure from the finance provider. Please contact us for more information.

Your finance provider will need to decide whether they will agree to transfer the agreement to somebody else. This is solely at their discretion. If you would like to enquire about this, please contact your finance provider.

As we are the registered keeper, we will receive any fines or penalty charges you incur. If we are required to do so by law we will pass on your details to the issuing authority. They will then contact you directly to arrange payment of the fine or penalty. If we pay any fine or penalty on your behalf we will invoice you for the cost and we will include a £10 administration charge.

If you suffer changes to your circumstances which are likely to significantly affect your ability to pay, or, for instance, you think your mileage limit will change significantly during the agreement due to a change for example, taking a job which is further away from home please contact your finance provider.

Vehicle Information

No, this is included in the price you pay for monthly rentals if it is applicable.

When the vehicle has reached 3 years (or 4 years in Northern Ireland) from the date of registration it will need a MOT. Please contact us if you have purchased a Maintenance and Breakdown Plan and we will arrange for this to be booked in. If you have not purchased a Maintenance and Breakdown Plan you will need to arrange this and pay for it separately yourself.

You will be responsible for any damage incurred on the Lease Vehicle. If the vehicle is returned with any damage then we will refer to the BVRLA’s Fair Wear and Tear Guidelines, this can be found here and any charges to return the vehicle to a condition that is in line with the BVRLA Guidelines will be payable by you.

The vehicle will come with the vehicle manufacturer’s normal warranty. You will be given details about this upon vehicle delivery. At present we do not offer any extended warranties.

If you wish to add anything or modify it, such as fitting a tow bar, please select the additional extras when you are ordering your vehicle. If a desired option is not available, please contact us and we will be able to investigate this for you.

If you wish to do this after your vehicle has been delivered you will need to secure permission from us. Any modifications made are at your risk and it is possible that you may invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty. You will also need to ensure that any modifications made are removed safely before you return the vehicle and if the vehicle is damaged as a result you will be responsible for the repair charges. It is advisable to speak to us before you consider making any customisations or modifications.

Yes you can. If you would like to transfer a private number plate (or cherished plate) onto your vehicle, please contact us and we can explain the process and cost involved. As the registered keeper of the vehicle, we have to administer this process on your behalf and therefore an additional administration fee will apply.

Personal contract hire vehicles are intended to be provided for the term of the agreement. If you do wish to change the vehicle you would need to settle the agreement early and there may be charges applied for this. Please contact us if you wish to discuss the options.

Yes you can. As the vehicle is registered to a company that provides vehicle leases, you will need certain documentation with you when you travel depending on your destination. Please contact us for more information. A £15 administration fee will be payable if you request that we prepare the documentation for you.

If your vehicle is fitted with a manufacturer’s connectivity service you will need to read the relevant information provided by the manufacturer and decide what services you wish to take and whether you are prepared to share your personal information with the vehicle manufacturer in this way. Neither we, nor the finance provider, are responsible for any charges you incur or for any personal data you provide whilst using these connectivity services as they are all managed by the vehicle manufacturer.

You must contact us and the finance provider if your contact details change during the agreement.

You should report the incident through your own insurance company and ensure that any repairs to the vehicle are made in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Any poor repairs or non- genuine/approved manufacturer parts may fall outside of the fair wear and tear guidelines that the vehicle will be assessed against at the end of your agreement and may therefore incur additional charges.

If, following an accident, your insurance company deem the vehicle to be beyond economic repair (otherwise known as a total loss or write off), or the vehicle is stolen or lost, you will need to ask your insurance company to contact us to negotiate a settlement, or contact us directly as soon as possible for further advice.

Please be aware that the amount of the settlement may include the balance of the remaining finance payments together with any loss in the expected value of the vehicle. We do not offer a GAP Insurance product but you may wish to investigate purchasing a separate GAP Insurance policy to provide you with additional protection.

GAP stands for “Guaranteed Asset Protection” and there are products available in the market place that are designed to protect you against the shortfall that may exist if the vehicle insurance you have obtained does not cover the costs you are responsible for under the terms of your finance agreement. There are many different types of GAP Insurance and we are unable to offer you advice on which products to select. We therefore suggest that you conduct your own research and seek independent advice on the products available before deciding whether to take out such insurance.

Maintenance, Servicing and Breakdown Assistance

Please refer to the information provided within your Welcome Pack for the contact numbers you need to use in the event of a breakdown. If you have a Maintenance and Breakdown Plan please contact us directly.

If you have a Maintenance and Breakdown Plan please consult the plan information for details of how to book a maintenance or repair appointment.

If you do not have a Maintenance and Breakdown Plan you will need to arrange for the repair or maintenance yourself. If you arranging a service or repair it is advisable to use a main dealer and to only use approved parts as failure to do so may invalidate the vehicles warranty.


When you agree your finance agreement it will include an amount that you have chosen that represents how many miles you think you will cover in your leased vehicle each year. “Excess mileage” is the amount by which you have exceeded the level you have chosen and which is stated in your finance agreement. It is very important you choose the right level of mileage. If you underestimate it you may be responsible to pay the excess mileage charges set out in the finance agreement. These limits are in the finance agreement because it is relevant to how the monthly rental is calculated. If you do more miles than you think you will, the value of the vehicle will be less at the end of the contract than we have accounted for. This reduces the amount of money we can sell the vehicle for at the end of the agreement which means we need to recover some of that loss of value from you by charging the excess mileage fees.

The excess mileage charges are set out in your finance agreement, but to give an example, if they are 5p per mile and you exceed your limit by 1000 miles, you will be charged £50 plus VAT. You only pay for any mileage over the agreed mileage level and not for the total mileage. You will need to pay this charge to us directly rather than your finance provider. This charge will be invoiced after the agreement has ended and the vehicle has been collected.

End of Contract

We will contact you in advance of your agreement ending to discuss your options. We will usually collect the car from you and you will need to make sure it is available to our collection agent at the date, location and time agreed with you. If you are waiting for a new car from us we may be able to arrange for the collection and delivery at the same time – we can discuss this option with you.

You must ensure that the vehicle is clean and legal to drive. For example, you must ensure that the tyres are not below their legal limit, there are no blown light bulbs or chipped windscreens.

If you are not available when the collection is due to take place, or the collection agent refuses to collect the vehicle because it is not legal to drive and we incur a cancellation charge, we may pass this charge on to you.

Unfortunately, under the terms of your finance agreement with the finance provider, we are unable to sell the vehicle to you during or at the end of the contract. If you have provided us with your permission to contact you for marketing our products and services, we would be happy to discuss your options at the end of the contract and to tell you about any offers available at that time.

It may be possible to extend the lease informally until your new vehicle is delivered if you are leasing another car from us (if applicable). Ordinarily you would not be able to extend your lease unless your finance provider agrees. Please contact us to discuss.

If you have any outstanding rentals to pay you will need to pay those to the finance provider. If you have any excess mileage charges you will need to pay those to us. If you have any outstanding fines or penalties and we have paid those on your behalf you will need to pay us for those as well. You will also need to pay us if there is any damage to the vehicle which is beyond the “fair wear and tear” guidelines.

The BVRLA have issued a guide to what they consider to be fair wear and tear when a vehicle is returned at the end of the lease agreement. The finance provider uses this guide to assess what is considered to be normal and acceptable wear and tear based on the age and mileage of the vehicle. If these are exceeded you will need to pay for the damages. For more information please see the Guide here or contact us.

Complaints Procedure

If you are not happy with the service we have provided you, please see our Complaints Policy for more information.


If you would like to cancel your order for our services please see our Cancellation Policy for more details.

If you would like to cancel your finance agreement with the finance provider, your finance agreement will provide further details of how you need to do this.